The latest, safest diagnostics: Digital dental X-rays for fast & effective treatment

Regular dental X-rays are the best way for your dentist to evaluate each tooth’s root and see if there’s any decay that isn’t obvious during an exam. At Greenway Dental Group in Greenbelt, Maryland, Alex Shklyar, DDS and Madueke Ekoh, DDS offer state-of-the-art digital radiography. Not only does this type of X-ray provide them with instant images, but it also exposes you to less radiation than conventional X-rays. If you’re due for dental X-rays or are in need or a routine exam, book your appointment by calling the office or by using the online scheduler.

Dexis Digital Dental X-ray System

Dexis Digital Dental X-ray System
  • The best image quality—DEXIS Platinum Sensor excels in visible resolution and contrast.
  • DEXIS yields highly diagnostic and more consistent images, even at lower doses.
  • 9 out of 10 patients prefer the comfort of DEXIS.
  • DEXIS ease of use and faster workflow saves valuable time.

The award-winning DEXIS Platinum sensor incorporates PureImage™ technology—a group of highly sophisticated digital imaging components, the TrueComfort™ sensor design with beveled corners and smooth edges, and highly portable direct USB connectivity. These features along with the robust DEXIS software provide dentists with the best and most consistent image quality, the most comfortable sensor, and the fastest workflow.

Sirona Orthophos Digital PANO x-ray system

Sirona Orthophos Digital PANO x-ray system

The high-quality 2D/3D X-ray device with a comprehensive range of services for every practice. Orthophos is a reliable partner and optimized for everyday tasks. Its CsI Plus sensor with autofocus function ensures clear images, even in anatomically difficult cases. The automatic patient positioning together with the patented occlusal bite block enables an easy and timesaving patient positioning.

X-ray Q & A

What are digital X-rays?

The process of getting digital X-rays is similar to traditional film X-rays. But rather than waiting for processing and possibly having to go through the entire process again if your images aren’t clear, digital X-rays show your images on the computer monitor right away.

What’s particularly beneficial about digital X-rays is that they allow your dentist to zoom in, magnify, and sharpen images they need to look at in greater detail. Plus, your X-rays are securely stored right in your digital file, making it easy to pull them up for future reference. This allows your dentist to evaluate any abnormal changes in your teeth and gums over time.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Yes. Though traditional film X-rays were always considered safe and exposed you to little radiation, digital X-rays expose you to up to 80% less radiation than conventional X-rays. Digital radiography conforms to the lowest possible rate of radiation exposure not only for the patient but also for the technician.  

Your dental practitioner at Greenway Dental Group works to minimize your radiation exposure by only gathering digital X-rays that you need. This reduces your risk of unnecessary exposure if you weren’t due — or didn’t need — a specific type of X-ray.

How often do I need dental X-rays?

How often you need dental X-rays depends on when you last had them, your overall oral hygiene, and whether you have any current issues. Some patients need X-rays every six months during routine exams and cleanings, while others may only need annual X-rays.

There are also different types of X-rays that you might need more or less frequently. Bite-wing X-rays, for instance, show your dentist at Greenway Dental Group how your teeth are touching each other. These X-rays can show decay in back teeth, too.

Or if you haven’t had X-rays in a while, you might need full radiographic assessment of your teeth, gums, jaws, and sinuses. If you’re experiencing a sudden toothache, you may only need a periapical X-ray, which provides a view of your entire affected tooth, from the crown and root, all the way to the supporting bone.

If you’re in need of updated dental X-rays, schedule your exam at  by calling the clinic or by scheduling online.