Invisalign® –  a smart choice to straighten teeth without braces

Getting a straighter, more beautiful smile doesn’t mean you have to get unsightly metal braces. Leading cosmetic and orthopedic specialists Alex Shklyar, DDS and Madueke Ekoh, DDS offer the advanced Invisalign® teeth straightening system. The team at their state-of-the-art practice, Greenway Dental Group in Greenbelt, Maryland can give you a boost in confidence with Invisalign. Because the straightening treatment is nearly invisible, no one has to know you’re wearing them. Find out if Invisalign is right for you by scheduling a consultation either online or over the phone.

Case Samples

Cases treated by Dr. Shklyar at Greenway Dental Group


Patient name: G.E.

  • G.E. came to the Greenway Dental Group to close the gap between her front teeth. She received an Invisalign-style treatment using modern clear trays to correct her smile.
  • orthodontic procedure GE case study before image
  • Before
  • orthodontic procedure GE case study after image
  • After
  • Patient name: J.B.

  • J.B. came to the Greenway Dental Group to fix his teeth' general crowding and overlapping. He received conventional treatment using braces to correct his smile.
  • orthodontic procedure JB case study before image 1
  • Before
  • orthodontic procedure JB case study after image 1
  • After
  • orthodontic procedure JB case study before image 2
  • Before
  • orthodontic procedure JB case study after image 2
  • After
  • orthodontic procedure JB case study before image 3
  • Before
  • orthodontic procedure JB case study after image 3
  • After
  • Invisalign® Q & A

    Why should I worry if my teeth are crooked?

    Having a less-than-perfect smile can put a damper on your confidence level, making you want to hide your teeth. But enhancing your appearance isn’t the only reason you should consider orthodontic treatments like Invisalign. If your teeth are crooked, you could:

    • Have difficulty thoroughly brushing and flossing
    • Be at risk for gum disease and dental cavities
    • Have an abnormal bite or difficulty chewing

    Even a minor abnormal bite or slightly crooked teeth can be a concern, so the sooner you get started on orthodontic treatments, the better for your oral health.

    How does Invisalign work?

    Invisalign works just like traditional braces, but without the uncomfortable brackets and wires. Instead, this revolutionary system involves gently pushing your teeth into place through custom-fitted, clear plastic retainers.

    Each week or two, you switch to a new retainer, each of which guides your teeth into proper alignment. Depending on the severity of your bite issues or crookedness of your teeth, your Invisalign treatment can last anywhere from 12-18 months on average.

    Once your teeth are in their optimal positions and your smile is straight, you still need to wear clear aligners occasionally (possibly while you sleep). This way, you can prevent future shifting and help your straighter, more beautiful smile last for as long as possible.

    Can I remove Invisalign aligners?

    Yes. That’s one of the things patients love about Invisalign: You can easily remove the aligners before you eat, drink, or anytime you need to brush and floss.

    Don’t get in the habit of keeping them out for too long, though. To get the most of your Invisalign treatment in the shortest amount of time possible, plan on wearing your aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day.

    Am I a good candidate for Invisalign?

    The team at Greenway Dental Group has specialized orthodontic training, so you can feel confident that your Invisalign treatment plan is the best option you. You’re likely a good candidate if you have:

    • Crooked teeth
    • Over, under, or crossbite
    • Teeth crowding
    • Gaps between teeth
    • Difficulty chewing

    Invisalign isn’t just for adults: It’s a beneficial orthodontic treatment for teenagers as well. The ideal way to determine if Invisalign is right for you is to have a full dental exam and consultation.

    Greenway Dental Group offers Invisalign consultations throughout the week. Schedule yours by using the online booking system, or by calling the office.