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Professional teeth whitening treatments are among the most common types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Leading cosmetic dentists Alex Shklyar, DDS and Madueke Ekoh, DDS of Greenway Dental Group offer clinical-grade whitening treatments so that you can brighten your smile in a single appointment. In most cases, the dentists can whiten your teeth several shades in less than an hour. Book your teeth whitening consultation or treatment by calling this Greenbelt, Maryland dental practice or by using the online scheduler.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes tooth discoloration?

Teeth are naturally a slight yellowish-white color. But several factors can make your teeth yellower or more discolored than you may prefer.

Food and drink are the most common contributors to tooth discoloration. Berries, soy sauce, coffee, tea, and dark cola are just some of the products that can yellow your teeth with regular consumption.

Some stains stem from trauma or fluorosis (excessive fluoride intake), which causes stains to develop from deep inside your tooth. Sometimes your prescription medications can even lead to tooth discoloration.

Because over-the-counter remedies and home treatments won’t work well in these cases, it’s always best to discuss discoloration causes and teeth whitening treatments with your dentist.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

During a professional teeth whitening treatment, your dentist applies the bleaching agent to each of your teeth by directly brushing it on. That minimizes issues with getting the harsh chemicals on your gums, which is known for causing gum bleeding and swelling.

Your practitioner helps the bleaching agent penetrate deep into your teeth by using a specialized light. After leaving the whitening treatment on your teeth for the set time frame, depending on your desired outcome, you can then brush and rinse. You leave the office with visibly whiter teeth that are several shades lighter, often in less than an hour.

Will teeth whitening work for me?

As long as your teeth and gums are in good overall shape, you should benefit from a professional whitening treatment. Your dedicated cosmetic dentist at Greenway Dental Group can show you on a color shade scale what shade you can expect your teeth to be after your treatment.

Though you can usually get whitening treatments if you have crowns, bridges, or even veneers, bear in mind that these components can’t be whitened. Your dentist designs your whitening treatment to brighten your natural teeth, without drawing attention to any permanent artificial dental components.

Find out if professional teeth whitening is right for you by scheduling a consultation at Greenway Dental Group. Book either through the online scheduling system or over the phone.