Dental Technology at Greenway Dental Group

When you visit Greenway Dental Group, you will immediately notice the dedication that Drs. Alex Shklyar, Shawn Na, and Madueke Ekoh have to ensure their patients have access to the latest in dental technologies. Our team feels that a continuously evolving practice requires adopting and using the latest in advanced dental technology and techniques. This ensures that each patient we see has an enhanced experience and allows our doctors to provide unparalleled dental care. Here at our Greenbelt, Maryland office, you can expect to see us use a wide range of technological devices that will enable our team to evaluate and provide treatment with greater accuracy and comfort.

Our in-office technology includes:

Sound 2-Dimensional Panoramic X-Ray.

Sound 2-Dimensional Panoramic X-Ray Machine
Sound 2-Dimensional Panoramic X-Ray Image-1
Sound 2-Dimensional Panoramic X-Ray Image-2

Delivers intraoral and periodontal diagnostic images that are superior and essential for more successful patient diagnosis and endodontic treatments. With this technology, we are granted the flexibility to produce dental diagnoses more confidently than ever before. Features include:

  • High-Definition Sensor Technology
  • Variety of generator options and sensor sizes
  • Trouble-free workflow

The Sound Digital 2D Panoramic X-Ray provides smooth digital imaging that is unmatched. Thanks to its CSL sensor technology and easy-to-use interface, we can consistently produce highly reliable diagnostics. At Greenway Dental Group, we enrich our practice with a wide range of services made possible only through reliable digital imaging.

DEXIS Titanium Intraoral Scanner

New DEXIS Sensor Header

With the DEXIS Titanium intraoral scanner, we can capture high-quality and consistent images that show a higher tissue contrast across a broad spectrum of radiation levels. The DEXIS Titanium scanner is designed to be incredibly reliable and offers an unconditional performance guarantee. With its crystal clear images, robust Aramid reinforced cable, and comfortable filament that makes taking images of any patient easier, we believe the DEXIS Titanium intraoral PerfectSize™ sensor is the answer for Greenway Dental Group.

As dental technology continues to evolve, so will Greenway Dental Group. We will never rest on old technology and are proud to remain on the leading edge of dental technologies and treatments. We hope to see you soon! To schedule an appointment, please call (301) 778-2806.